Monday, July 6, 2015

happy 4th of july!

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here are some picutures of sister Burgoyne and i on the 4th with Christian zadi.

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hello everyone!

so much happened this week! first of all july 2nd which was Thursday was sister castanedas birthday! and so i made her breakfast and then some sister missionaries decorated the apartment door for sister Castaneda and the elders made rice pudding because that's one of her favorites and then we got homemade brownies and steak for dinner for her! over all it was a pretty good birthday for sister Castaneda. atleast that what she said. then Friday i went on exchanges with sister Burgoyne for the day, and so i got to spend sometime with her on the 4th of july and the other half of the 4th with sister Castaneda so i got to spend the 4th with both of my babies!! it was prefect:)

this week we saw a lot of miracles, all were small but so fun! they all were about the ward and how we are gaining their trust so wonderfully and im excited what will be happening in the next couple of weeks or too.

i don't have a lot of time just because this guy started talking to me while emailing and i thought, ok i need to sacrifice and talk to him instead of the family and so i contacted him and now i have a return appointment to go see him this week! so sorry my time is short but im on the lords time not mine! hahaha but guess what!? my year mark is this Thursday and my birthday is next week on sunday the 19th! ahhh!!!! im so old both in the mission and in real life!!

well i have to go! but i love you all!!

love, sister turpin

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