Monday, June 29, 2015


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me and my baby sister Castaneda

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me and my two babies and my gandbaby

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and Christians baptism!!!

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hello everyone!

a lot has happened this week but at the sametime nothing has happened.

I am now back in texas in a place called vidor texas. its in the country an I feel like there is nothing here... I am training this awesome girl named sister Castaneda. she is from Colorado and her birthday is july 2nd and so she will be 20 years old. she plays volley ball and loves to exercise. just what I need! she is brand new and so i get the privilege of training her!! yay!! that means i now have 2 babies and sister Burgoyne is training as well so that means im a grandma! there will be a picture at the end of this that shows my posterity so if your wondering that is what sin the picture.

so the first day we got to vidor the place was a disaster! so we took a day to clean our cute little home and then for 2 days we were trying to find a good map of our area back we cover part of vidor and part of orange. but no luck there! one great thing is that i have been to vidor multiple times for exchanges and so i kind of already know the area and the members here which is awesome!

a lot of stuff will be happening this next month starting with sister castanedas birthday which is july 2nd then the 4th of july, then my year mark which is july 9th and then my birthday which is july 19th and then i am over 6 sisters so i will be going on a lot of exchanges so i wont really be in my area that much which is sad!

funny things that have happened first day a cockroach flew and hit sister Castaneda on her head, then i maid her kill a spider that was on our car and i would not die and it took about 15 mins. then sister Castaneda dropped the keys as we were walking up our stairs up to our little home and we have to search for them. then i stood in an ant hill and i now have bits all over my legs then Saturday i got to go back to lake Charles for a baptism for Christian vedi and then i get to go back to lake Charles on the 18th for another baptism! yaaay!! and so yay! a lot of crazy things happened this week:) a slow but crazy week.

now that sister Castaneda and i are all figured out with everything we are excited to get to work this week and start seeing miracles in vidor!!!

love, sister turpin

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