Monday, June 1, 2015


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this is sister smith and i right next to a cow...:)

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this is me feeding a cow

well not a lot happened this week. on Tuesday we had to go up to Houston to have a training on the ipads and it was really cool the things we learned and what they are starting to do with missionaries before they leave on there missions and when the come home from there missions. then on thursday we actually got the ipads and had all of this training that we had to do. i guess there are steps i the first is learning how to use the ipads in teaching. the second one will be learing how to do the area book and the planner on the ipad and then the third step will be doing facebook and other media. its crazy but very exciting! they are calling us the digital age! hahaha so now have an ipad and i dont really know how to use it but its all good because sister burgoyne is really good at technology so she helps me a lot:) 

so because of the ipads we didnt get that much missionary work done this week and then i went on exchanges with this sister named sister smith in vidor texas and that was a fun experience probably because we found this man who let us feed his cows and he is going to be feeding both the vidor sisters and us lake charles sister this tuesday! (tomorrow) yaaay! i love it when people feed us:) 

this week i will be in houston for mlc and then friday and saturday i will be in orange texas going on exchanges with this sister named sister pawluk. so i will only be in lake charles for about 3 days and 1 of those days i will be in side all day because of weekly planning. but thats alright because sister burgoyne and i are going to rocket! 

we are teaching this lady right now named deborah garrett she is so cute and she actually took us to texas road house a couple of nights ago! anyways she has a date of june 20th but she wants to make she that she is ready. i know she will be but she is going to pray to see if that is the date that god wants her to get married on. so i guess next week you will all know what happens! 

well i have to go. i love you all!! thank you for everything that you do. yall are the best!

love, sister turpin
ps. sorry i didnt have that much time i was looking at my sisters bridal pictures half the time....:)

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