Monday, May 4, 2015


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this is paisley and me!! in the car to the library to email!! love this girl!!

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this is cynthia and sister Burgoyne and i after one of our lessons. isnt she just to cute!! i love it!!:)

well if you cant tell by the title i am in atascocita for the day! (that was my last area) long story short. so mlc is tomorrow and i usually ride up with the sister named sister baxter up to kingwood and we stay the night at the mission home and then after the meeting on tueday we drive back to vidor which is were sister baxter serves and then i pick up my companion and we drive back to lake charles. well we found out that we cant drive our car again because we havent gotten the new sticker for our car. so we had a member drive sister Burgoyne and i told vidor and then a member from vidor drove us up to kingwood at around 12 so we got here to kingwood around 3 and we have been hanging with the stewarts which is a family from my last area and they are going to feed us dinner tonight and then tomorrow they are going to drive sister baxter and i back to vidor and then pick up sister burgoyne and then drive sister Burgoyne and i all the way back to lake charles louisiana... crazy huh...? ya i know! so i am back in my old area emailing all of yall right now!!:) its so crazy to be back and to see how everything has changed...

but this last week in louisiana was so good!! i went on exchanges monday and tuesday with the orange sisters and then wednesday sister burgoyne and i worked hard all day long! and we found so much success!! 2 people commited to being baptized and so we will see what happens as it gets closer. and then thursday we saw more success!! and had 2 more people commit to a baptismal date which is awesome but 1 cool thing about thursday was during hour of power. sister burgoyne and i were in the car and we pulled out our map and split it down the middle we from there prayed and asked heavenly father if we should go to the right or to the left of the map. we both got the answer of left then we split that down the middle and prayed if we should go north or south! we both got south. then of course we split it down the middle again and again everytime getting the same answer until finally we came down to a street. we made sure our prayers were specific and we out the the street to go knock on doors trying to find 2 people who were prepare by the lord. right when we got the the street we parked the car and there were 3 men standing out side. one of them walked over to us and asked us if we were alright we said yes and he said want to come talk to us! sister Burgoyne and i walked over to find out that one man was the father and the other two were his sons. they let us teach them right then and we are going back to teach them more this coming sunday on mothers day! it was such a awesome lesson and i am excited to see what will happen to them!

isnt that just such an amazing experience!? i guess you would just have to be there. then we have really been trying to work with the ward and our new ward mission leader is doing such a great job at helping the members get excited! because of all of our hard work we had 3 potentual investigators at church yesterday and we are planing to start teaching them the coming week or two!! 

transfer calls are saturday night so on mothers day i will be able to let yall know if i am getting transfered or not, i hope im not though!! i love lake charles!!

over all this week i have learned so much and how when we have specific prayers heavenly father will give us specific answers and he is always willing to help we just need to do our part first. so with that i would just like to invite all of you to try making more of specific prayers and then trust heavenly father that he will answer your prayers. i love you all!! be safe! andi cant wait to talk to everyone on mothers day!!

love, sister turpin

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