Monday, May 11, 2015

mothers day!!

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 sister stewart from my last area took sister Baxter and i back to our areas tueday after MLC and this is a picture with the cute little stewart kids:)

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this is sister Baxter and i when we were in atascocita last monday and i just think these signs are so funny so we had to take a picture by one

well this last week was a good but slow week! probably because i wasnt in my area for about 3 days worth, but! everything is going soo well! i am staying here in lake charles for 1 more transfer with sister burgoyne and its because we are seeing so much success so that is good! we have a baptism this saturday for a lady named cynthia! she is the cutest little old lady ever!! haha she has the best humor ever and its her birthday this thursday! she will be turning 68! she is so excited and she said "the next person i am going to work on is my daughter and her husband!" ahaha it was so cute! i will have to send all of yall pictures of her when she gets baptized:) 

the weather is starting to get hot again and i have the worst tan lines, and everyone that knows me knows how much i hate tan lines!! but thats a good thing i guess that i have tan lines because it shows how hard sister Burgoyne and i are working!

we are starting to finally get the members to start trusting us and people keep coming up to us and asking us if we will teach people they know which is a huge miracle! 

im sorry i really dont know what to say! my brain is still so fried from mothers day yesterday! but life is good in the misson field! i love it out here and i love being a missionary! i love being able to learn something new each and everyday and to learn how our heavenly father works! this church is so true and i love having the knowledge to know that i am apart of it! dont forget! there are so many people in the world that dont know the truth and are seeking for it!! so be an example and go let the world know about it! post things on facebook, tell people about the prophet and the apostles! be a missionary in your own way, and i can promise you. Heavenly father will bless you.

i love you all!! sorry my letters are getting worse and worse, i dont really remember what happens anymore and the days just seem to blend together more and more! but i hope you all know how much heavenly father loves you and how blessed you are to have this gospel in your lives!!. remeber who you are! stand for truth and righteousness! return with honor!!.

love, sister Turpin!

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