Monday, April 27, 2015

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this is miguel. we reactivated him. he used to be less active. but tonight was his last night in lake charles he is moving back to new york! but i told him to be worth to go through the temple so that he can come to my wedding one day:) haha its a good goal right!?

Hello everyone!

things here in lake charles are going really well!! sister Burgoyne and i saw so many miracles i love it!! first off the week started off with me going to orange for an exchange with the orange sisters and then later on this former investigator called and wanted us to come by and see her! we went and her named is Jeri she has been clean from meth for about 9 months now and has gone to jail 2 or 3 times now so she is on probabtion. and she LOVES smoking!! she smokes like evey 30 mins! ahaha anyways she is this really sweet girl who came to church for the first time ever on sunday! it was awesome! she is going to have to go slow which is totally ok, but i think she already knows that this is true!! then there is this other lady that was a referral from God named cynthia who came to church this sunday as well! it was awesome! she totally fit in and loved every second of it! sister Burgoyne and i know that she will get baptized its just the when of when she will recognize her answer!:) she is 68 and used to dance!! she is the cutest old lady with the best personality ever!! hahah i will have to take a picture with her so that all yall can see how cute she is! 

then there is this boy and girl named michael and paula. they are dating and living together and she was pregnant with his baby but just had a miscarriage which is heart breaking! anyways paula doesnt know if she loves michael anymore and michael just goes and gets drunk everyday because in the last 6 months he has lost his dad, mom , brother, and now his baby.... ya their life is so hard right now, its sad. but they are the sweetest kindest people ever!! i love them so much and i know that this gospel can help them out! this is what they need so hopefully there hearts and ears will be open to understanding our messages!!

it has been raining here like crazy! a tornato almost past though lake charles on friday and then this lady named tish that i have talked about before her and husband want us to come over for dinner this saturday and share our message with them! thats a miracle right there because before tish's husband was kind of bashing on us but i think because we were so kind and didnt try to prove them in anyway the spirit was able to come in and testify to them and from that i think we spiked their interest!! yaaay!! well my time is up! i love you all!! the church is true! tell your friends! remember who you are! your all sons and daughters of god who wants the best for you so go out and do what is right and god will bless and strengthen you! i love yall!!

love, sister turpin

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