Monday, April 20, 2015

temple week!

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typical companion pictures by the temple!!

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these are all of the sisters that i am over

hello everyone!! 

   well this week was completely crazy!! haha this week was completely different from every other week so it started off with being able to go to the temple tuesday, we spent the night with the vidor sisters and then a member from vidor drove us 4 sisters up to the temple. after the temple on the way home the AP's called and told us that they need the car for a week and that they were going to get it wednesday (the next day) and that we werent going to get it back until next week on thurday. i kind of freaked out because it wasn't that much time notice that they gave us. so wednesday we had no car. thursday we spent all day trying to find rides to places that we need to go and it was raining all week so we got the chance to ride our bikes in the rain... it was awesome and then friday we found out that we would get our car back saturday, yaaay!! elder swank (he is the one that is en charge of all of the cars) came down and brought the car down to sister Burgoyne and he told us that our other car was totaled and that because of that my driving privileges were being taken away for the rest of my mission.... it made me a little bit bummed out because even though i dont really like driving i REALLY dont like holding the phone so that means for the next 9 months i will be holding the phone everyday and i will have not driven for 9 months straight by the time i get home... 

other than that things are going pretty good, yesterday in church this guy spoke off of elder Uchdorfs talk about the grace of god and how the grace of god wont be just for the next life but the grace of god plays everyday into our own lifes if we just let it. i loved that and i love that we have the chance to learn everyday. i ask all of you to open up your scriptures and read and see what god wants you to know at this time. i love you all so much and i am just so grateful for the scriptures and living prophets who we have today. remember who you are!! you are all beautiful children of god who loves you more than you can comprehend.

love, sister Turpin

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