Monday, November 10, 2014

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hello everyone!

   well i first have to start off with saying the mission life is just getting better and better everyday! i love how i get to get out of my comfort zone everyday and go talk to people about the gospel. It is so exciting and nerve racking all at the sametime!

    this week was exchanges and it was my first time i didnt lead out the area on exchange. I went to humble with this sister named sister Stoffrhan. She is the sweetest girl ever! she goes home in about two weeks and she hasnt even gotten trunky yet! she is totally someone that i look up to and i hope that i will be more like her with the hard work and kindness that she has. One thing i have been working on is immediately teaching when i talk to someone on the street so when we were on exchanges thats what we worked on. i know i am really good at talking to people and not making things awkward but i now have to talk to people about gospel things. and while we were walking door to door contacting people we found a dead snake!! my first snake in texas and probably not my last! hahaha

   because i have been working on immediately teaching sister Crump and i were walking to a dinner appointment that we had and we saw these two women talking so obviously we go up and make some light conversation and then immediately start teach and one of the ladys name was shawn. She was being kind of mean to us so finally we left and while we were in the middle of our dinner appointment there was a knock on the door and so this little girl name madi ran to open in. and to our surprise it was shawn!! she had come up to apologize to use!! it was truly a blessing in disguise! haha we were so shocked that we didnt know what to do!! haha but were learned that as long as we are kind and stand on our ground we will see miracles! i love it!!!!

   on monday we had a district pday and went to this park and had a bbq and then went and rode our dbikes:) it was so fun and thats what these pictures are from:) well sorry my letter isnt that good today my mind is kind of going everywhere right now:) well i love you all! thanks for all that you do! remember God loves you and i do too:)

love, sister Turpin 

well i dont know what pictures i put on but enjoy!! love you all!! hahah

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