Monday, January 11, 2016

last email

Sister pawluk and sister casa at MLC. I just got done crying because I
bore my testimony

Sister Redford and I watching Josh creepily in the kitchen waiting for him to come into the church 

well this week was a wonderful week like usual:) i went on my last exchange and my last ever MLC meeting where i had to give a 20 min. talk and i was so nervous that i didnt eat like that whole day! and then bare my testimony at the end of the meeting with everyone else who is going home. To an investigator named Elsa Montemayor who i love so much that commited to be baptized on jan. 16th which is this saturday!!:) so pray that all will go well and that elsa will end up getting baptized!:) that is my dream, to have a baptism a day before i go home:) yep! i believe it will happen!!

this week is going to be awesome though. im so excited to just work my little tail off and get some work done up here in the amazing La Porte:) hahaha and this sunday i will be giving a farewell talk to the ward here talking about Jesus Christ. 

i just want to bare my testimony, i know that Jesus Christ lives, i felt his presence throughout my mission. i know that miracles happen as we have faith and are faithful to what heavenly father asks us to do. i know that i am a daughter of god and that we are all brothers and sisters. i know my heavenly father loves me, and knows me better than i know myself. i know why i am here and what my purpose is. and i know that as i live the gospel of Jesus Christ by having faith in my savior and repenting daily, and then taking the sacrament weekly that i can live with my heavenly father again in his presence and truly have that eternal family. i know that Joseph smith was a prophet and that the book of Mormon is the word of God. i know that through prayer and scripture study that you can find guidance and joy. i know that heavenly fathers plan is for us to all come back to us and that is why missionary work is a commandment and it is something that brings great joy and happiness and a sense of belonging. i have loved to learn on my mission and to learn who my savior is. he is my best friend and someone i can count on. i love bring born and brought up into this church. i love the spirit and the power of the spirit. i know that all of this is true because the spirit has born witness to me that it is true as i have experimented on the words of the lord. and i can promise you as well that if you experiment upon the words of christ you may come to know these things and by the power of the  holy ghost you may know the truth of all things. 

i love you all and i will see you next week!

love, sister turpin

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